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Child Sponsorship

For only $35 per month, you will make an enormous impact on the life of an orphan child in Uganda who needs your help. Our goal is to  seek 3 sponsors per child to partner with us to begin the process of providing HOPE for these beautiful Ugandan children.  Thank you for joining us on this journey to provide a path to sustainability for over 50 vulnerable orphans who are living in extreme poverty.


Other Donations

Looking for ideas for your donation? Click the box below to view a list of Essential Future Needs and contact us if you have questions. Click to donate today.

Help us reach 3 sponsors per child


  • 1 sponsor per child = very basic needs for the children

  • 2 sponsors per child = adds staffing for education, medical, security, and more

  • 3 sponsors per child = budgeting/resources for capital expenditures

For a list of Essential Future Needs click here