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Our Strategy

Physical/Emotional Hope

Often, our first focus is to build loving and trusting relationships that bring healing and life skills to overcome past trauma. We also work to provide the basic necessities of clean water, food, medicine, sanitation, and teach personal hygiene as each one is a resource necessary for minimizing disease and improving chances for survival.

Spiritual Hope

Changed circumstances do not break the cycle of destruction; changed people do. Through the living witness of the personal lives of those in the field and the telling of the story of Jesus; we will give individuals and communities the opportunity to understand and embrace God’s love, forgiveness, and grace.

Economic Hope

Sustainable change out of poverty happens when individuals are given the skill sets and tools to generate income. It is our goal to educate, equip and train individuals so that a self- sustaining culture is established. Our model of empowering indigenous leaders works to this goal.


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Example of Jesus

We strive to follow the example of Jesus as we serve those who are suffering from poverty and injustice, regardless of color, religion, or gender, as part of God’s plan to redeem, reconcile, and restore the world. We seek to follow Jesus by living holy, humble, and honest lives.

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In all our program initiatives and support services we will have servants’ hearts and engage the people we serve with best practices and standards. We also seek to apply our efforts in ways that maximize impact and sustain benefits to the greatest number of people.

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We believe in prioritizing leadership development and participation of those we serve in order to create and sustain change in their communities. We also seek to catalyze a movement of worldwide partners to support the “field team” to multiply their impact both abroad and with our U.S.-based donors and partners.


WorldHope.us exists to bring health, education, truth, and empowerment to extremely vulnerable children.


Through donor to field team partnerships in collaboration with indigenous leaders, and ministries, WorldHope.us will provide more than relief by releasing potential to bring lasting change to the individual and community.

Our Model of Field Development Teams

For many important reasons, Worldhope.us only works with indigenous leaders as the on site coordinator!


American workers are far more costly. The monies they require to live on average $60,000 per year. Indigenous leaders need an average of $6,000 per year.


American missionaries usually serve for a term and the average length of service is less than 10 years. When they leave the succession plan often fails. Our indigenous leaders live at the level of the people they work with, are in a deep relationship with people and are committed to these places they call “home”. Our leaders grew up and “live” alongside the people; they understand their deepest needs. American leaders often leave when extreme difficulty comes. Our leaders are in it no matter how hard it becomes.

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