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Dear Friends,

There are some words and phrases that naturally get passed down from generation to generation. I believe that social-distancing and COVID-19 will fall into this category. As horrible as this period has been, it has provided us an opportunity to sit back, take off the masks for a moment and reflect on how WorldHope.us has been impacted.

Here are a few of the changes that have occurred in the last six months:

Prisca Nyesigomuhangi

We are excited to introduce Prisca Nyesigomuhangi, the new Administrator of Worldhope.us School and Orphanage in Uganda. She will be in charge of the well-being of the children and the daily operations of the orphanage and staff.

Shortly, it came to our attention that before the pandemic hit, WorldHope.us sent five employees to an organization called Farming God’s Way! They support World Hope’s belief in developing the indigenous children to not only learn to fish, but supply them with a rod once we leave. Here is our first harvest on our newly purchased land.

To learn more, go to farming-gods-way.org.

In the last six months when the children were ordered by the government to return to the homes of relatives,WorldHope.us continued to regularly monitor their safety and supply food, clothing and toiletries.

Shortly, it came to their attention that seven of our orphans were completely homeless and without supervision. They were immediately moved to the grounds of the orphanage and are continuing to be cared for.

The Blended Model – Once again, COVID-19 allowed us time to re-evaluate how we are operatingWorldHope.us Orphanage and School. After doing extensive research, talking with experienced others inKampala, visiting with the Local Authorities, and much prayer, we have decided to adopt a Blended Model.

This Blended Model will provide total care at the orphanage to those vulnerable children who are without parents or where their safety is in question, but also, we will continue ministering to those vulnerable living in the area with a parent, attempting to keep them in a nuclear family environment.

As the calendar year winds down, we have looked back at all we’ve accomplished in the past few years and know we couldn’t have achieved it without you and your support. Thank you! But there is still much to

be done. We need:

  • CHILD SPONSORS – For $35 per month you can help provide medical care, food, clothing, school tuition, books and supplies.
  • 2021 Capital Drive – Our classrooms need to be remodeled to be in compliance with governmentstandards. We need to raise $75,000 to complete the buildings with cement floors, desks, and chairs.To learn more on how to donate, visit Worldhope.us

Thank you all very much for your continued support. In His service,
The WorldHope.us Team – Bill, Janis, Denis and Pat

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